Friday, June 18, 2010

My mailbox was invaded today by nearly two hundred Imperial Guard troops ready to be mustered for war. What's that you say? How do two hundred Imperial Guard troops fit into a mailbox?

Well it's easy when the force is 6mm!

I've always eyed Epic. While my fingers modeled in the 25mm scale my vision would wander over to the 6mm world. Who involved in this hobby doesn't like the idea of having a hugely massed army which is a complete combined arms force? An army complete with scores of infantry, tanks, air support and of course big !%$#@* war machines? It's always caught my attention and it's catching the attention of my com-padres JubieX and Opie-Wan. Our dream would be to have a multi faceted Warhammer 40k campaign that began in spacde with Battlefleet Gothic, continued into the planetary atmosphere with Aronautica Imperialis, decended into a planetfall with Epic battkles and closed out with some good 'ol 40k small battles.

A lofty dream but a friggin sweet ass one. It seems only fitting to start dreaming on a planet big enough to hold it all.

Planetary Empires offers just such a template.

Mine is all primed up, just waiting to be drybrushed into reality. This supplement is really nice. The detail is outstanding, especially with the spaceport tiles.

Now what happens when you take Epic and mash it with Planetary Empires? You get a really nifty way to chart your armies progress as you move to take over the planet and smash you friends, I mean enemies, forces.

Now those are just some of the things that are going on here at The 25mm Warrior but it's not the biggest. My gut has got butterflies swimming in it with what i'm about to type. I hope your ready cuz here it comes!


That's right! As I write this I'm working the bugs out and within the coming weeks we will be proud to introduce you to...


More to come...

P.S.: Sorry about the pics being too big. Something is up with photobuckets sizing matrix. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon. The silly thing is if you click on the pics they are the right size on photobucket. Stupid technology :(


Ranger Rob said...

Nice Warrior! I just finished my P-Empire tiles last night as I watched the Celtics lose game 7.

Good luck with your campaign and your show.

Wienas said...

I drive for my job and listen to between 40-50 hours of podcasts each week. I look forward to hearing another podcast on gaming.

Great idea meshing PE with Epic. Keep us updated on the progress!

Gavin Schofield said...

Awesome, maybe your podcast will be the first 40K podcast I bother listening to!

I'm a podcaster myself, if you need any advice send me an e-mail - I'm sure you'll manage it though!