Friday, May 28, 2010

Imperial Fists Bike Army... Go!!!


I had fun tonight.

The game store here offers a 10% discount to Veterans and I figured tonight was a good night to head over and see about squeezing a 1000 points out of my wallet.

I decided to go with Imperial Fists. But not just any 'ol Imperial Fists army. I wanted a calvary army. I mean really? How often do you see an entire bike army of Space Marines? Now how often do you see Imperial Fists? With the way The Army Painter works on yellow with their Soft Tone Dip it seems I'll have a rare army in appearance and composition.

Hey... everyone wants to be an individual right?

It only seem fitting that a Space Marine calvary unit be yellow. I've become really interested in the American Civil War over the past year or so and the calvary of both Union and Confederate forces was devastating. Not to mention that for some reason both used the color yellow to identify their calvary regiments. Now I would love to do a historical civil war game however my two battle buddies JubieX and Opie-Wan really don't share the same interest. The Imperial Fists offer me a unique opportunity to do a unique army that to me meshes with my passion for the Civil War. It's a win, win.

So here is what I bought... I'll get the army list up soon.
Now this box set is awesome. I'm not doing Ravenguard so I'm stuck with a bunch of Dark Angels bitz however the six bikes alone if bought seperate is 90 bucks... which is the cost of the battalion boxed set. If you compare it I got an attack bike, land speeder and bitz for free. Wonder when GW will put an end to this.

Since I was a few bikes over I grabbed a command squad for later when I take these Marines beyond 1000 points.

Now as long as these guys don't act like Col. Stewarts calvary during the battle of Gettysburg I think I'll do just fine.


Papa JJ said...

Looks like it's going to be an awesome army! Cool inspiration, too. That's too bad about the lack of interest there in any ACW gaming... when I need to scratch the historical itch I usually go for ancients but any time period can be fun with the right group of people. Good luck with the new project!

Gyro said...

It's always so cool to see a bunch of brand new boxes sitting around about to become a living, breathing army. I see a lot of advice about buying in small chunks and painting as you go...but screw that, this is the way to do it!

Obviously I can't wait to see this project take shape, rock on...

Gyro said...
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sonsoftaurus said...

Fantastic, look forward to seeing these guys unfold. Hopefully you can sell the DA-specific bits for some cash for IF pads and the like.

The command squad parts would work well on some bikers too...

The 25mm Warrior said...

Papa JJ: Yeah, I'm kinda bummed about the absence of historical games here. I know of a modern navel ship game league but thats it. Boo that I'm not into ships.

Gyro: Hellz yes yo! There is nothing like having tons of GW boxes lying about your workstation. It is intimidating and with my gamer ADHD it can prove to be dangerous but I'm with you... screw it!!!

sonsoftaurus: Yeah, I'm not sure what to do with the bitz. Heh knowing me and my gamer tendency to horde everything my grubby hands get on I'll have DA bits for forever. There are some cool swords in there though I think I can use for this army though so not all is lost.