Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naked Necrons


Opie-Wan went out with me the other day to help me decide on a new army. Now I'm not giving up on my Imperial Guard and I'm not selling anything (except the Eldar... more on that in a future post. Man did I screw them up). Since I'm about top make a vow not to play 40K again with an unpainted army (a vow I will take only after one more game or JubieX and Opie-Wan will kill me) I needed an army that painted up quick and fast. My Guard unfortunately are not painting up as quick as I would have liked. I could have changed their color scheme only I really like the classic Cadian uniform. They look fantastic and I've decided to really take my time with em.

So that leaves me with no choice but to go get a new army.

We tossed around Tyranids and Space Marines. We even thought about me doing an entire mechanized list for the Guard. Any one of those choices would have painted up quick (minus the Guard which is why we ruled em out early). My standard for this project was my old Blood Angels Army since I knocked out a 1000 points of them in just three days time.

With the Tyranids out since I really have no idea how to play em and Space Marines out because we could really benefit from a non Imperial army, we settled on the very first army I ever did...


When I did Necrons the first time around I did the whole black primer, drybrush metal thing. I even gave em a nice flesh wash to make em look dirty with another drybrush coat of metal on top of that. They painted up quick, looked fantastic and were the perfect army to get me into 40K.

Now I have The Army Painter.

I got their Plate Mail Metal spray on the way from the good 'ol War Store and I can't wait to get at em. I'm not too sure if I'm gonna go for the clean new look or if I'm going to dip them in strong tone to see if that is a good way to make them look dirty like they do in the codex.

Either way I have no doubt I should be able to get them done in about three days time (maybe even quicker).

Below is my Necron army list thus far. JubieX wanted us to do a 1030 point battle (poor dude has to do some serious point kung-fu to get his force just right... damned old Daemonhunter codex).

HQ: Necron Lord with a Destroyer Body and a Phylactery- 145 points

TROOPS: Necron Warriors x30- 540 points

FAST ATTACK: Destroyers x3- 150 points

Scarab Swarms x8 with Disruption Fields- 128 points

HEAVY SUPPORT: Heavy Destroyer- 65 points

Army Total: 1028 points

With everything in the army contributing to the Phase Out rule (minus the Scarab Swarms) I'm pretty confident I'm not going to have to worry about that. 25% of my 35 troops is 8.75 and since I have to round up my opponent has to get rid of 26 Necrons to force Phase Out. Each of those 26 troops gets to use the We'll Be Back rule on top of that. Now unless they get doinked by a close combat weapon that denies armor saves or they get smacked with a strength 8 to 10 weapon (8 for troops, 10 for the everything else, minus the Scarabs again of course) their going to get their attempt. I'm bound to role a 4,5 or 6 in 21 dice. They should be just fine.

My force is lacking some really nice anti-armor punch though. The Heavy Destroyer is the only model capable of dealing any kind of penetrating hit on something truly nasty (like a Land Raider or a Hammerhead. Guess who he'll be chasing after?). However everything is capable of causing glancing hits which is enough to put a kink in anyones slinky. The Scarab Swarms have been outfitted with Disruption Fields which makes them jetbiking Gauss Flayers. I can even break em up into two squads and send em out tank hunting. It's a good bet I'll be able to get at least one 6 in the 16 dice they'll roll against the armor.

Man it feels good to be playing these undead robots again. Their simplicity and ease of painting is pretty cool and damned refreshing.

Say a prayer for Opie-Wan and JubieX...

The dead are about to walk!


opiewan-kanopie said...

Strenth 10 huh...
*sound of railgun powering up*
Funny thing...

The 25mm Warrior said...

You cocky bastard!

lol j/k

Scratch that... you ARE a cocky bastard.

Anyone ever tell you about Scarab Swarms with Disruption Fields? They halted JubieX for close to 3 turns. All his tanks couldn't do anything but move!

My Scarabs look forward to eating your Str 10 railgun with their Str 3, Disruption Field laced chompers :)

opiewan-kanopie said...

Oh you mean those Scarab swarms that are T3 and vulnerable to blasts?
*loads submunition rounds into rail gun*
Funny thing...

opiewan-kanopie said...
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The 25mm Warrior said...

I'll just stick em in cover. What was that? They get a +1 to cover saves for being tiny? Behind barricades and in craters I got me some Scarab Marines!

Or maybe I'll just send em off to lock your Shaz-Ooops the IG just screwed me leader guy for a couple of turns.

Their are worse things then death Opie-Wan. Like seeing your huge point cost squad doing nothing but fight a bunch of mechanical bugs.

Who's getting their point cost worth now?