Thursday, May 13, 2010

Frank Frazetta Died

What the heck? First Carl Macek and now Frank Frazetta?


Opie-Wan told me about it. At first I was like "Frank who?"

"Go look him up man, you'll KNOW who he is."

Sure enough I absolutely did.

This guys obituary credits him with defining the look of "Sword and Sorcery" with his Conan renderings. Man did he. I love his gritty take on Conan and his signature shapely women. You really felt like you were staring off into another world when you gazed upon his art. What impressed me all the more is he did covers for EC. You know EC Comics right? The guys who brought us 'Tales From The Crypt?"

As I did research into this little posting I felt really bad about the guy. During his last days his own son broke in to his art museum and stole his own fathers paintings!


How do you rip off your old, ailing, dementia suffering dad of the work that made him famous and provided you with a living for your whole damn life (probably)? Dude, that is despicable. That sucks Frank Frazetta had to deal with that kind of bullshit so close to his death.

I've posted a bunch of links to his stuff below. Lets all pause for a moment of silence while we check out this guys amazing work.

So long Frank Frazetta. Thanks for being a pioneer that not only envisioned just what "Sword and Sorcery" is but for working to shape all our minds to picture our own fantasy endevors with your images.

Rest In Peace

Frank Frazetta... February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta Wiki Page

Story Of Frank Frazetta Son Breaking Into His Dads Museum

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Gyro said...

Gah! What a bummer, sheesh...

The 25mm Warrior said...

Yeah man. I hope this isn't a trend. ON a selfish note it just means as more people die I'm getting older too.

I guess we all have one foot in...