Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Things I Do For Miniatures...

I have no shame.

See when your married you have to do the 'ol give and take. Since I just dropped umm about five hundred bucks on minis (and I'm in no way finished... see the post below) I figured I'd be cool and see "Sex and the City 2" with my wife.

"Wow, you'll really see it with me?"

"Sure baby. You were cool about the minis, your always cool about it. I can be cool too and cancel our tickets to go see Star Wars in concert and go with you to see if Carrie cheats on Mr. Big with Aden."

She then kissed me, "Your so sweet baby"... (this part has been blurred out by the censor).

So there I am, in the middle of the movie and it's torturous. I'll I will say is the opening "wedding" scene had my mouth just drop open.

"You owe me." I whispered.

Then the horrifing happened. Liza Minnelli comes onto the screen and starts dancing... in sexy pantyhose! She old yo! Ewww. I couldn't look away. The train wreck had my jaw on the floor.

My wife, chuckling, leans over and says "Your right... I do owe you. We'll go to the game store after."

So I'm all set to go get more miniatures when all of a sudden my stomach starts doing back flips in my gut. I go to the bathroom and puke my 40 dollar popcorn all over a toilet seat that is littered with gang art. '

Needless to say I didn't make it to the game store tonight.

So why am I telling you this? What's the moral of this story?

Well here it is...

If you go see "Sex and the City 2" you will be horrified, get more miniatures and then throw up.

Anything for miniatures! No price is to high, no chick flick too lame, no...

Yep, I have no shame :)

Ugg I don't feel too good.


sonsoftaurus said...

Poor guy! That really sucks!

Oh, and the throwing up is bad too.

Chris said...

I am lucky in that my wife understands my hobby needs and doesn't make me watch her chick flicks. Instead, she invites my sisters and her friends over and they have a girl's movie night. I watch the kid with the understanding that I will be able to have some alone time with my figures in exchange. It's win-win.

She gets to watch her movies with people who will actually appreciate them with her, I spend some quality time with the little terror (my son) and some time to work on my projects without guilt.

I read a couple of reviews for Sex in the City 2, and I can only feel sadness for what you must have gone through. I hope you recover.

Papa JJ said...

Thanks for part about Liza Minnelli, now I feel sick!

Easily Amused said...
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Easily Amused said...
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Easily Amused said...

You know you like watching chick flicks with me. Don't deny it. ;)

Love ya!

PS: I'm going to paint your mini's pink tomorrow.

opiewan-kanopie said...

As opposed to painting his pink mini.

Perhaps with a smiley face.

Easily Amused said...