Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wargaming Distractions: Torch Light

It can't be dice and dip all the time...

Ok, well maybe for you it can but I have gamer ADD like a mother @!#&%#.

Chances are if you read my blog (or any other in the From The Warp family for that matter) than you are a GAMER. It doesn't matter what the game, table top, RPG, video games, hell even reindeer games would be cool if I knew just what reindeer games were.

In this case it's video games.

A new Diablo clone just came out not to long ago called Torch Light and i'm in love! Imagine Diablo meets World Of Warcraft. Now take out all the BS from both games, wrap it up in a nice, stylistic package and market it for twenty bucks and you have a game that is a welcome distraction from the drudgery that our hobby can be at certain times. Everything from the art to game play is top notch along with a nice unique world and storyline.

What's really cool about this game is the commitment each player can put into it. With four different difficulty settings (from casual to friggin insane) this game offers either passive entertainment or a real challenge. What I personnally love about Torch Light is that you can play it for 10 minute or 10 hours and walk away. Say your painting and your minis are pissing you off or your just not feeling the mojo of your hobby at that moment. You can go over and fire up Torch Light, play it for a bit, leave the game at any moment and go back to painting. With the game constantly saving your progress you can come and go as you please.

So if your in a rut with painting or your just looking for a cool game to screw with, Torch Light will guide you to hours of dungeon crawling fun.