Monday, April 12, 2010

Where I Buy 40K Stuff

I've decided to let you all know where I've been spending my money. Some are good, some are, well... eh. Hopefully this will help you save some money and sanity.

This guys name on ebay is Destroyer 3. I don't think I'll ever buy from another dealer ever again. This guys shipping was lightning fast (got my three Chimeras and Troops in two days time). That's not what impressed me most though. This dealer miscalculated the shipping and he refunded the difference. That blew me away! Ebay is full of sellers that gouge the shipping to make a few extra bucks all the while saying their stuff is discounted. Most of this guys 40K is at 25% off and he wont be looking for the difference in shipping. Awesome seller!

Zuzzy Miniature Terrain
I ordered the Ruined Land mat from these guys over a month ago and I'm still waiting for it. The mat looks cool, the concept looks cool, the waiting forever to get the dang thing is not cool. Now I can understand if they make these mats to order needing time to cast them and such but a heads up would have been nice. A shipping confirmation was sent to my email like five days ago and still my doorstep is barren. I hope the mat is worth the wait.

This item was plagued with some horribly slow shipping. This I didn't understand either. Their in Ohio for crying out loud. I'm in California. Now Destroyer 3 is also in Cali (which may explain the fast shipping) but if I had been elsewhere the items from him would have been there in a couple of extra days. Armorcast? Well it took about a month from ordering. Again, if they make this stuff to order then cool... just friggin let your customers know.

The War Store
Now if you don't know this store and you wargame there is something wrong. This is one of (if not the best) wargame stores on the web. Huge selection, nice prices and your package will show up with the note "Your Reenforcement Have Arrived!" How cool is that huh? Shipping is fast too. I had to replace some brushes and they got here is about four days. Not bad at all. The Army Painter Brushes are nice, really nice and best of all... their cheep.

Hopefully this helps you all out, saves you a buck and dispels the bewilderment if your stuff takes a millennium to show up.

Happy Hunting!


Gyro said...

Hey, speaking of saving bucks, you missed the birth of the Barter Bucket I think. It's a free bits-trading network, and it's pretty cool, check it out:

I'll have to check out your eBay dealer, but for the most part I use the Warstore as well.

The 25mm Warrior said...

I no not of this barter bucket that you speak of!

I will have to venture forth to discover for myself the treasures to be found in the bucket!