Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Ungent Message To Col. Corbane!


To: Col Corbane, Nobel Servant of the God-Emperor

From: The Administratum Chambers of His Emperors 147th Imperial Legion Command

Re: Warning to the Emperium and an Addendum to The Parade Ground Blog list

Dearest Col. Corbane

It is our most deepest hope that this communique reaches you in time. Our force is now stranded on an unknown, hostile world after responding to a distress signal which appeared to be Imperial in nature. Upon planetfall our deepest nightmares were realized. The signal had been sent by heretical Chaos agents in order to lure an Imperial presence away from support sectors. Their nefarious plan is to take apart the noble servants of our Emperor one at a time as new units respond to the signals.

We tried sending warning attached to the transmission alerting the Emperors servants to stay away however we discovered in horror that the transmission is not one, but countless others. They differ so much from one another that it is impossible to filter out each and every one of them. Some are calls for help, other for routine assistance, some appear to be legitimate orders from Terra herself. Whoever is doing this has a very intimate knowledge of our most Holy workings

Our Fleets High Astropath senses a traitor.

Please warn the Emperium of any incoming transmissions as they my be heretical and traitorous in nature. Please don't do anything rash and try to mount a rescue for us. The warp is especially dangerous here and we nearly lost the fleet when we entered the system. You must do something quickly Col.Corbane. New Guard units and His Most Holy Marines enter this sector daily and most meet a tragic end. However with all the reinforcements coming in it has sustained us as we fight the unholy cohorts of chaos and the disgusting xenos that appear to populate the planet. Since all of the approaching commands have been broken and in disarray the survivors have banded together to form the 147th Imperial Legion.

Please inform Terra of our designation that it may be added to the most Holy roster of men fighting for The Emperor across the galaxy. May the Administratum be pleased to note that the 147th was chosen from the Cadian force that responded to the 147th transmission summoning them to this hell trap. That Cadian force was able to rally the survivors to fight back.

Our commander formally requests that you add to your Parade Ground blog list in hopes that the Emperium may be warned to stay away from this unknown, unholy world. Hopefully from the hub of this blog the rest of the realms of mankind will be able to hear and see what is going on with us. We can only hope that this message reaches you from the warp we find ourselves in.

The Emperium is in your hands Colonel

For the Glory of His Mighty Will!



Col. Corbane said...

That's a way to get my attention - lol.

You're listed now matey.

The 25mm Warrior said...

Heh, I thought it might.

Sometimes you got to put a bit of "umph" in what your doing!

Thanks for adding me sir!