Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miss me? Well after a week off we're back with more blogs that need followers! In the two months this has been going on your support has been unprecedented in giving people the attention we all like to receive for our own work. It's your attention that really gives this a sense of community and for that you all friggin rock!

Ok enough of the mushy stuff... on to some blogs!

It can't be all bolters and heretics all the time right? Ok well maybe it can but if it is we're missing out on something great. We owe all our games to the rich and terrible history of warfare and without historical wargaming we wouldn't have games like Warhammer 40k. This is one blog that keeps that historical beacon shining with some great painted minis and an eclectic love for history. This guy gives homage to all eras of history and if you stop to take a look you'll see inspiration found in the past that game designers use as a template for future games. It's important to remember the past!

With the cool ass camo job here I'm really hoping for a tutorial. The camo job is damn near seemless and oh yeah, it's a Guard blog so major props!

Cool tactica blips on Dark Angels. Only thing missing is some pics. Hopefully this changes that considering this blog isn't HIDDEN IN THE WARP any longer :)

Nice battle reports and Pop Pods... nuff said. What's that? You don't know about Pop Pods? Well get on over to this blog for some serious schooling in how to porxy in taste and style!

A very well laid out and in depth Tau blog. Really a great and insightful read.

Well that closes out yet another installment! Again if you know a blog or if you have a blog that you want featured here just send me a message at and we'll get em up!

Oh and to all you fathers out there... HAPPY FATHERS DAY! For everything you dads do may the beer flow, the dice roll and may you never roll ones on your dangerous terrain tests!

Cheers all!!!


Murl said...
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Murl said...

I'll see what I can do about doing a step-by-step tutorial on that paint scheme. Thx for the comment!